Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Blog? Why Now?

The way I see it, there are a lot of reasons to write a blog. First of all, if the previews of Julie and Julia are any indication, writing a blog means that you will gain fame and fortune as well as life experiences, and the adorable Amy Adams will portray you in a movie. So if I want to be the focus of a major motion picture, or at least a Lifetime Original Movie, I had better start blogging. The question is, what to blog about? I feel like I need a theme, or else I run the risk of every entry reading: "Today I woke up, played with my puggle, and went to class". I could write about the ups and downs of our first year of marriage, but being married is suspiciously similar to being engaged, except with nicer towels. I could write about teaching, and the lessons my students teach me, but that sounds like a liability, and I can just picture the Lifetime movie, staring a blonde starlet opening the doors to the world of literature for her underprivileged students, as they learn principles of justice and integrity by writing raps about Atticus Finch. Then it hit me...or more specifically, my husband. I should write about things that I like! The choice is obvious. It's clearly a great idea to spread my opinions as far as I can. So this blog will encompass reviews and reports on things that I like, and would recommend to my friends. I'm going to report on books I read, movies I see, maybe even places I go. Stay tuned for my first review!

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