Monday, August 24, 2009

Places That Begin With P

Not too far down the road from us, there are a series of places I like to spend money. Three of them begin with P. They are all great places to spend a Sunday afternoon. First stop: Pier One. Pier One is an excellent place to find extravagantly priced items that you desperately want, but have no need for. For example, I have no need for an enormous green glass bowl that costs $45, but I sure would like to take it home with me and put it on my coffee table. I resisted this temptation, however. We ended up with a new wine rack and a table runner for the aforementioned coffee table. Pier One has an interesting magnetic property. I can not won't enter one for a year, but after I go, I start planning out an immediate consecutive trip. I love my new table runner so much, I want new throw pillows to match! I might need some new coasters to protect my new runner. And fall is approaching, so I will need to stop by and pick up some wicker pumpkins and some cider-scented candles, and some brown and orange mosaic candle bowls to put them in.

There are two restaurants on either side Pier One...Panda Express and Panera. Two delicious options to chose from! We ended up at Panda Express because I had never eaten there before, and because of the novelty of eating at one while not in an airport. We both got Orange Chicken and rice. The chicken was very tasty. Also, they have plain cream cheese Rangoon, delicious little dumplings without the annoying Krab. Yum! Next time though, I'm definitely going to Panera. I love Panera so much. I am addicted to carbs, so I have to appreciate any place that gives me a delicious sandwich with a side of additional bread. It's true that Panera is a little expensive, but I find it very filling. I like to get the half turkey sandwich and half Caesar salad, with a side of bread of course. Plus the cookies...delicious, chewy, moist chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn't love a good cookie?

I've spent the entire time writing this entry trying to incorporate these 3 places that begin with P into some kind of witty joke about C-3PO...but I failed.

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  1. If by the turkey sandwich, you mean the Bacon Turkey Bravo, I'm right with you. Best one there.