Monday, August 10, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

This weekend, my husband and I saw the movie (500) Days of Summer. We go to the movies regularly when we are bored, and that night was no exception, as we were there with no idea of what we even wanted to see. I hadn't even seen a preview of this movie, but had seen online reviews, and was interested. As a bonus, it looked like a hip, cool, indie kind of movie, and Matt and I are always up for doing something that increases our coolness.

I was in love with this movie within the first 15 seconds. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (from Angels in the Outfield) is Tom, and Zooey Deschanel (from Elf) is Summer, and they are hip young people who live in awesome apartments and have different views on love. The basic boy meets girl story is freshened up by telling the story out of order. Not that I know anything about film making, but I thought it was intriguing bit of cinematography to show the relationship out of order, with the end of the relationship being shown before the beginning. And who doesn't enjoy a scene with characters breaking into dance? The soundtrack was also great, and we downloaded it as soon as we got home.

In addition to making me want to go to IKEA, this movie also changed my entire perspective of sweater vests. Sweater vests have made me hesitant in the past, because I don't think they work for people, unless they are going for a quirky professor look. However, I was misinformed. Sweater vests are not only adorable and trendy, but they make you look smart as well as hip. I plan to buy one for my husband immediately.

Go see this movie!

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