Sunday, January 29, 2012

Classy Weekend

Every so often, Matt and I like to vary our usual weekend plans of watching TV and eating pizza by leaving our house.  More rarely, we like to leave our house and go somewhere new.  This past weekend, we not only went to new places, we went to classy new places!

Friday afternoons are typically my time to veg out before Matt comes home so we can veg out together, but last Friday found me changing out of my tie-dyed AMS t-shirt and jeans into something nicer to meet up with some friends at Le Fou Frog.  Since my palate is usually satisfied with noodles, bread, and chicken, I don't really like to spend a lot of money on food, but thanks to Kansas City Restaurant Week, the Frog's prices had dropped into just slightly out of our range.  We enjoyed salad, lobster bisque, pork loin, salmon, and our waiter, Jean Pierre, even if he did scoff at my wine choice.  We each had a dessert with a lot of accessories - this wasn't just a lemon tart, it was a lemon tart with Buddha's Hand zest and a lime marshmallow, and chestnut cake with a variety of glazes and icings.  The atmosphere was a lot of fun too.  It's a very small space with a lot of tables, but it's cozy rather than cramped.  Jean Pierre was extremely nice, and the pastry chef and other employees sang selections from Les Miserables and Lady Gaga.  I would go back!

We were also fortunate to get in our first Kauffman Center performance on Saturday.  Our friend Ryan had gotten tickets to see Yo-Yo Ma's Master Class, which was where three cellists played for him, and then listened to him preach.  I left with a lot of admiration for both the building and Mr. Ma.  The hall was like nothing I'd ever seen, and I can't wait to go back.  The view from the 8th row was not too shabby.  Plus there were a lot of middle school kids there for some reason, and I was pretty entertained watching them.  I loved hearing the cello music, which has now been promoted to my favorite string instrument.  Viola is still my least favorite.  But I loved that this man, who is beyond famous and accomplished, would take time to work with a high school student and have such interesting and important things to say.  He's a phenomenal musician, and a great educator. And thanks to a friend of a friend of a friend, we got to go to the reception after the class, where we did not meet the man, but we did get some pastries.

We felt very sophisticated after such a posh weekend.  And with our Brewery tour yesterday, we are crossing a lot of Kansas City things off of our list.  We don't want to get too fancy though - we still have a Netflix queue to keep up with, and a Christmas wreath to take down.  To give me some credit, it is indoors, has MU colors and snowmen and says, "Happy Holidays."  President's Day is a holiday.

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