Friday, October 28, 2011

Having a Autumn

I could have gone with the clearer choice and titled this post Having a Ball in Fall, but since I recently taught my students that fall and autumn are the same thing, and that I wasn't trying to trick them with a fifth season, I thought I'd go with the fancier word.  I've also taught them what TBA means and that Bob is a nickname for Robert, so I'd say I'm pretty effective and also brilliant. We're still working on their, there, and they're. 

Fall is definitely one of the best seasons.  I'm glad I live in an area that has seasons, but I wish that they were only spring, fall, and Christmas.  Fall just has a combination of all sorts of things I love.  I will list them here.  The next post will focus on recent reading, date TBA.

1.  General coziness - throw blankets, cardigans, hot chocolate, staying in bed a little longer every morning, slipper socks, etc. And this year I'm excited to have a fire in our fireplace!
2. Birthdays - Mine!  And this year's combo housewarming/birthday party was a blast.  I think I'm going to devote a whole post to my new Kindle. 
3. The return of the slow cooker - this is my kind of cooking.  Throw some stuff in a pot and let it simmer until you're ready.  Last year, I successfully made chili, pot roast, pork shoulder, and macaroni and cheese.  This year, I made a pretty good dip, and I want to do chicken noodle soup.  Just a lot of good things to eat when the weather cools off!
4. Fall Foliage - It ends too soon, but I love the fall leaves.  Upside is that our new house has lots of old trees, downside is we have to rake them up.  And don't even get me started on how many walnuts are appearing overnight.
5.  Fall Festivities - In addition to birthday celebrations, I love other fall fun.  City fall festivals, even if I only went to Gladfest this year, Homecoming, Halloween and Thanksgiving gatherings are all great ways to see good people and eat good food.  

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